Biblical Studies Carnival 166 for November 2019

SBLAAR BloggerWhile we were all out enjoying thanksgiving with friends and family, Derek DeMars worked diligently to post an excellent Biblical Studies Carnival at his blog, Theology Pathfinder. Derek has been blogging for some time but this is his first time hosting a Biblical Studies Carnival, so go check out his work. In other blogging news, Brian Small did a post summarizing sessions on Hebrews at SBL as well as a quick summary of material on Hebrews from the recent book by Scot McKnight and Nijay K. Gupta, The State of New Testament Studies. It was nice to bump into Brian at SBL. I also ran into Gary Greenberg, host of the October Carnival. There were several other bloggers there, but they succeeded in avoiding eye-contact with me.

The December 2019 will post on January 1, Alex Finkelson will be the host at Scribes of the Kingdom. Jim West will ring in the start the 2020 Biblio-blogging season off with the January 2020 carnival on on February 1. I have been the curator of the Biblical Studies Carnival since August of 2012. Over these nearly eight years, many bloggers have moved on to other things (ie., real life). Although a few have moved on to podcasting, there is still some life out there in the Biblioblog world.

A bit of sad news this month was the passing of Tim Bulkeley. Tim was a long time blogger who contributed to several excellent blogs over the years, including Sansblogue  (started in2004) and the 5 Minute Bible podcast (see this list of Tim’s various projects). He hosted the Biblical Studies carnival in 2016 and 2018.  Bible Studies and Technology has a tribute to Tim and Jim Davilla recalls “his Sansblogue was one of the earliest ‘biblioblogs,’ one of the seven that were founded within a year of PaleoJudaica.” If you are interested in the early history of BiblioBlogs, read Davilla’s 2010 SBL paper “What Just Happened?”

Carnivals are fun to write and a good Carnival draws attention to your blog. I would love to start filling in a few hosts for 2020, so contact me at to volunteer to host a carnival.

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