Biblical Studies Carnival for August 2019

Like John the Baptist crying out in the desert, the Amateur Exegete, has posted the August 2019 Biblical Studies Carnival. Although he has been blogging for some time, I really do not know his name, so I’ll just say AmatEx did a good job on his rookie carnival. Although he may not recall what happened to John the Baptist as a result of all that crying out in the wilderness.

Brian Small posted a short Hebrews Highlights, although Hebrews posts have been slim recently. Abram K-J stirred from his blogging slumber to once again post on the Septuagint. I told him recently I missed his monthly Septuagint Soiree.

Since I took over as the “keeper of the list” of Biblical Studies Carnivals in August 2012, I have tried to encourage new bloggers to host carnivals. I have tried to draw in more women as hosts, although that has not always been successful. If you are a new blogger, a graduate student or established scholar who is actively blogging, I would love to have you host a future carnival. Contact me if you are interested or have questions. Seriously….PLEASE email me  (plong42 at or direct message on Twitter (@plong42) to volunteer. You can also leave a comment here with your contact info and I will get back to you.

December 2019 is still open and I would like to start setting up hosts for 2020. If you are a veteran biblioblogger (who knows what that used to mean) or a new blogger/podcaster (or what ever the kids are calling it these days), hosting the Biblical Studies carnival is a great way to draw attention to your work. To quote Palpatine of Bibliobloggers Jim West, “It’s Fun.” So consider hosting in the near future.

You can review older carnivals by browsing this tag. Follow me on twitter (@plong42) if you are into that sort of thing. I have a Biblical Studies magazine on FlipBoard, an essential app for your iOS device. I use it on my iPad for news and other special interests (including biblioblogs).

4 thoughts on “Biblical Studies Carnival for August 2019

  1. I love it: “Although he may not recall what happened to John the Baptist as a result of all that crying out in the wilderness.”

    In any event, my name is Ben 🙂

    Thanks, Phil!

  2. I’d love to do another Septuagint Studies Soirée! Maybe if I’m still alive in 2072 (or 2070) I can do one then. 🙂

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