Book Giveaway – Peter Enns, Incarnation and Inspiration

I just finished my “early Fall” class. this was an Old Testament Survey class taught as an intensive (ten days, 4.5 hours a day over three weeks). To celebrate, I am giving away one book a week for the next month. Last week was Mark Edward’s recent Story of God commentary on Ephesians (Zondervan, 2016). This week I have a copy of Peter Enns, Inspiration and Incarnation (Baker 2005). The subtitle of the book is a hint at the controversial nature of the book: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament.

Enns Inspiration and IncarnationEnns said his concern in the book was “to help readers whose faith has been challenged by critical studies, and I suggest that evangelical faith would be well served by moving beyond a predominantly defensive doctrine of Scripture to develop a positive view that seriously engages contemporary critical scholarship. My proposal is to employ an “incarnational” model of Scripture—one that recognizes and affirms both the divine and human aspects of the Bible.”  For some readers this book was a healthy look at how the Bible fits into the world of the Ancient Near East, for others this book represents the demise of the evangelical doctrine of inerrancy. Greg Beale, for example, wrote The Erosion of Inerrancy in Evangelicalism (Crossway, 2008). Enns participated in a dialog at a national ETS meeting with Al Mohler, Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Michael Bird and John R. Franke (published as Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy, Zondervan, 2013). I did not attend this session because I was presenting at the same meeting to three people who apparently could not wedge themselves into the room for the discussion.

Whatever your stand on the theological issue of inerrancy, and whether or not you agree with Enn’s conclusion, this is a book you ought to read. Enns challenges the reader to think through what the Bible actually says about itself.

To have a chance at winning this book, leave a comment with your name. I will randomize the names from the comments and select one winner at random. I will respond to your comment informing you you have won the book, but you will need to contact me with shipping information.

I will announce the winner on August 28, 2019 (one week from now). Good Luck!

17 thoughts on “Book Giveaway – Peter Enns, Incarnation and Inspiration

  1. Enns’s book may help those whose faith is founded upon the revealed Word of God rather than those who have infused their Bible with theologies and doctrines from the ‘well-intentioned’ wisdom of man.

  2. The subject of Inerrancy of Scriptures continues to be a subject of intense debate both in the academy as well as in the church, and that is healthy. Let the conversation continue.

  3. I’m having a Twitter conversation with people who insist Jesus wrote the Old Testament. I’d love to have this book to provide back up arguments.

  4. I’m having a debate on Twitter at the moment with people who maintain Jesus wrote the Old Testament. Would be good to read some new research and opinions on the rich heritage of the Old Testament.

  5. The Old Testament and the problem with evangelicals….. Can you guess my orientation to the inerrancy debate?

  6. Thanks for your generosity. Would love a copy of Enns book. Working with some small groups wrestling with the conversation, even debate on “belief” vs. “trust”. Shalom!

  7. I’m familiar with some of Enns’ other works, but I’ve really been wanting to work my way through this one! Would love a copy.

    • Hey there Derek, you are the winner of the book, congrats. Send me your address via email ( and I will get the book out to you soon.

  8. I’m interested in this one. I can’t really figure out where Enns stands today, but this early work had something real to say.


  9. A theologically-sound book on this important subject matter is always welcomed!

  10. I’m a huge fan of Enns but havent gone back to read this book. Would love to move it up my list if chosen 🙂

  11. Open mindedness is key to reading the scriptures well. This book, which i have not read, written by a guy who is ‘in the know’ so to speak sounds intriguing. Wouldn’t mind a copy?

  12. Yes I would enjoy reading that and using some of it as message material.

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