Book Giveaway – James L. Papandrea, A Week in the Life of Rome

I have an extra copy of James L. Papandrea, A Week in the Life of Rome (Downers Grove, Ill.: IVP Academic, 2019). This is the latest addition to IVP Academic’s “A Week in the Life of” series, which now includes Ben Witherington’s A Week in the Life of Corinth (2012) and Gary M. Burge, A Week in the Life of a Roman Centurion (2015). John Byron, A Week in the Life of a Slave is coming in July 2019.

Since the “week in the life of” series are novels by biblical scholars, about half the book is academic side-notes explaining the background details of the story. I have read all three of the currently available volumes and find them to be entertaining and easy reading. These are not academic books, but they do present the history and archaeology of the Roman world for a popular audience. I reviewed the book a few weeks ago, concluding “this book offers an entertaining insight into the relationship of Christianity and Rome in the mid-first century. Papandrea draws out the agonizing decisions a person living in the Roman world would have to make in order to be a Christian in an entirely pagan world. The book will be an easy introduction for readers interested in the background of the Roman world and early Christianity.”

To have a chance at winning this book, leave a comment with your name so I can contact you if you win. I will randomize the names from the comments and select one winner at random.

I will announce the winner picked at random on March 26, 2019 (one week from now). Good Luck!

23 thoughts on “Book Giveaway – James L. Papandrea, A Week in the Life of Rome

  1. “week in the life of” is a creative approach to introducing the world of the first century to readers in the 21st century.

  2. Thank you for your book reviews. I have purchased some well written books based on your recommendations.

  3. I would greatly enjoy immersing myself in the first century world of Rome. Count me in!

  4. You certainly enticed me to go at once buy this book and the other two in the series. But I’ll wait. Just in case: I might win !!!! Caude Vigneau

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