Biblical Studies Carnival 156 (February 2019)

Typical Biblioblogger

Bob MacDonald posted the Biblical Studies Carnival for February 2019. Subtitled “The Lego Edition,” Bob has put together a great collection of the best posts last month of interest to Biblical Studies. He has long lists for TNK (Old Testament for the evangelicals out there) and New Testaments and an “other ” category with some theology, church history, book reviews and at least one board game review. He has a link to Ian Paul’s reflection on Michael Green life after his passing last month. In other carnival news, Brian Small had a few Hebrews Highlights for February 2019 at Polumeros kai Polutropos.

The day before the carnival, Bob posts “Doing a carnival for Biblical Studies.” This is a kind of method statement for doing a carnival. Bob says, “I see the Biblical Studies carnival as a celebration of posts in the month. It is also a way for me to learn what is going on in the field. I search through over a hundred sites as well as social media groups to see what seems of interest to me. My purpose is to find those posts which best illustrate sound practices in Biblical Study that will get everyone to learn together.” This is a great way of thinking of these carnivals. He lists a few bullet points on “What is substantial for me” as well, which separates his carnival from others. For Bob, “since BS carnivals are supposed to be fun, … but it is serious stuff with real-life consequences.”

Since I took over as the “keeper of the list” of Biblical Studies Carnivals in August 2012, I have tried to get new people to host carnivals, often hosts who are on opposite sides of the spectrum with respect to assumptions about biblical studies (look at a few of the upcoming hosts for example). I have tried to draw in more women as hosts, although that has not always been successful. I have asked at least two people to do an international carnival, highlight Spanish language blogs for example, but nothing has come of that either.

If you are a new blogger, a graduate student or established scholar who is actively blogging, I would love to have you host a future carnival. Spencer Robinson is hosting the March 2019 carnival at Spoiled Milks. feel free to twitter links to him at @spoiledmilks.

As you can see there are some gaps in the schedule and there is no one for the rest of the year after (September through December are wide open). I have a few asks out there, but there is still time for you to volunteer as Carnival Host. Hosting the carnival is a great way to draw attention to your work, so consider hosting in the near future.

Seriously….PLEASE email me  (plong42 at or direct message on Twitter (@plong42) to volunteer. You can also leave a comment here with your contact info and I will get back to you.

You can also review older carnivals by browsing this tag. Follow me on twitter (@plong42) if you are into that sort of thing. I have a Biblical Studies magazine on Flipboard, an essential app for your iOS device. I use it on my iPad for news and other special interests (including biblioblogs).

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