Book Giveaway – Stanley Porter and Andrew Pitts, Fundamentals of New Testament Textual Criticism

I have one more book to give out in celebration of the new academic semester. I used Stanley Porter and Andrew Pitt’s Fundamentals of New Testament Textual Criticism in my Greek class last semester. When I could not find my copy on the shelf, I purchased another copy at the now-shuttered Eerdmans Bookstore and promptly found my original copy.

I reviewed the book when it came out in 2015:

There are a few features which I found helpful which are not common in other textual criticism textbooks. First, Porter and Pitts include a chapter on canon (ch. 2). To a certain extent this material seems extraneous to the method of textual criticism. I am not sure they make a clear connection between their interesting discussion of the development of the canon and the process of textual criticism. A professor could easily omit it without losing the argument of the book, although from my experience students often have questions about canon at this point in their Greek training.

Second, they include two very useful chapters on the development of the Nestle-Aland and UBS texts.  Chapter 12 is particularly good for professors since it describes how to use both the NA27/28 and the UBS4/5. The book is therefore a good resource regardless of the chosen Greek New Testament chose by the professor. The story of how the two major critical editions developed is more than interesting, this section places the activity of textual criticism into its proper place in church history.

Third, the book includes a helpful summary of translation strategies as they relate to textual criticism (chapter 13). The chapter includes lists of the various abbreviations and marginalia of both editions. Page 148 has a photograph of a page from the NA28 Greek New Testament with arrows identifying everything on the page; page 163 does the same for the UBS4. For some students, this chapter alone will be worth the price of the book.

Craig S. Keener liked it too: “This very readable textbook provides a helpful and balanced introduction to text criticism aimed at just the right level for beginning students. It is clear, introduces multiple views, gives good reasons for the approaches it favors, and — an unexpected bonus — offers in two relevant chapters useful, concise introductions to canon formation and translation theory.”  However, James Snapp, Jr. did not like the book. So leave a comment, win the book, read it and decide for yourself.

I will pick the winner on January 31. Be sure to check back in a week to congratulate the winner.

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20 thoughts on “Book Giveaway – Stanley Porter and Andrew Pitts, Fundamentals of New Testament Textual Criticism

  1. I would love to get Stan Porter’s book since he is on faculty of our Denomination Divinity College ( McMaster) Canada Do you mean that Eerdmans as a publisher is hone? Or is it just a storefront bookstore? Gord Abraham

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  2. Eerdmans was a great bookstore. Every semester I would swing over there as well as to Baker and check to see if I could purchase the books from the syllabus from one of those stores. Usually I would also walk away with a great discounted book!

    I would very much value this book on TC. Right now I am hacking my way through the NA27 (yes… I am still using my GNT from my Moody days) and there are some TC issues I simply need more training in to make a decision!

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