Book Giveaway – N. T. Wright, Pauline Perspectives

I have a brand new copy of N. T. Wright’s Pauline Perspectives: Essays on Paul, 1978-2013 (Fortress, 2013). This 620-page book is the companion volume to Paul and the Faithfulness of God and collects Wright’s most articles on Paul over the last 35 years. Several are previously unpublished exegetical essays on Paul’s theology. These thirty-three articles are essential reading for students of Paul whether you think Wright is a friend or a foe. Ben Witherington III blurbs the book:

“Pauline Perspectives gathers into one convenient place the multitudinous essays and lectures on Paul and his thought world that have come forth from the prolific pen of N. T. Wright during the course of the last 35 years. Here you can see the development of seminal ideas, major themes, and the relentless pursuit of understanding important trajectories in Paul’s thought, ranging from justification to the righteousness of God to atonement to much more. Reading a book like this is like going to a great feast put on by a master chef and discovering there were no ephemeral starters but all meat, and none of it half-baked either, but well worth chewing over and always nourishing. Bon appetit!”

The book is $70 retail (but who pays retail?) I ended up with two copies, so I will celebrate a new academic semester by sending this book to a randomly selected person who leaves a comment below with their name and and the name of their favorite Pauline Scholar.

I will pick the winner on January 23. Be sure to check back to see if the odds were in your favor. If no one wins, I will send the copy to Jim West since he is a huge N. T. Wright fan.

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40 thoughts on “Book Giveaway – N. T. Wright, Pauline Perspectives

  1. I am new to using scholarly commentaries to assist in teaching an adult Bible class in rural northern New Mexico, so have not read writings directly addressing the “new” Paul Theology, but am currently working my way through Keener’s Acts commentary that addresses in some detail Paul’s theology. I intend to study Wright’s position in detail going forward.

  2. Thank you for this opportunity! I have followed Wright and his viewpoint on Paul go a while now.

    Thank you for your emails, I learn a great deal from them.

    Jason Fisher

  3. Benjamin Murray.
    It is hard to say who my favorite scholar is in the Pauline field. I’ve only dipped my toes into that water. I highly respect Ben Witherington III in each of the ways he has contributed to NT scholarship. Is he considered a Pauline Scholar, or a historian?

  4. I’ve been reading N. T. Wright for a number of years. Don’t always agree with his viewpoint but find it refreshing.

  5. Forget the random drawing and give it to a friend. I’m a friend. And, I want it. To comply with the rules – Johan Christiaan Beker, a vote for the apolcalyptic Paul.

    • Because I’m tech. ignorant, the previous post is mine. So much to do for one book.

  6. I don’t know if I have a favorite Pauline scholar, but I’ll say Richard Longenecker.

  7. Hmmm, a favorite Pauline scholar? I’m tempted to name Martin Luther! But of course you mean a living Pauline scholar. Dunn and Wright are both very interesting but they fit badly into the term, since their interests go well beyond Paul. I think I’ll vote for Gordon Fee.

  8. My name is Jim Shemaria and my favorite Pauline scholar is Simon “Peter” Son of John

  9. I am Bill Mayor and would have to vote for Dunn, but I admit that Wright makes you think. But I would also note that I think they have all missed when Paul indirectly references what we now call the Shroud of Turin.

  10. My name is Jared Kusz. And my favorite Pauline scholar is N.T. Wright, because I am not that well read (hopefully you can fix that *wink* *wink*), and I have seen him in person (yes, my standards are that low).

  11. Pick only ONE favorite Pauline scholar? Wow, that’s tough! Most of my favourites have already been mentioned. In the end, I will go with Gordon Fee because I love the passion he has when he speaks!


    Paul Sue

  12. John Barclay as my favorite Pauline scholar, and I’m tempted to snarkily list James the brother of Jesus as my favorite anti-Pauline scholar 😉

    -Kevin C

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