Last Call for Biblical Studies Carnival Links for June 2016

carnivalThe June Biblioblog Carnival will be hosted by Kris Lyle  and Old School Script. This is a relatively new blog and Kris has been posting quite a bit of useful Contact Kris on this blog or  via twitter @KristopherLyle. I am sure he is nearly finished selecting his links, but if you have something you think is carnival worthy, send Brian a link. What have you read this month that was challenging, simulating, or maybe even a bit strange? This is a good time to promote a less well-known blog you enjoy, or you can send a link to your own work.

Some readers may not know what a “blog carnival” is. Simply, a Blog Carnival is a collection of links on a particular topic for a given period. I think the idea of a blog carnival first developed out of psychology or sociology blogs, but the first BiblioBlog carnival was Joel Ng at Ebla Logs in March 2005.

I took over as the “keeper of the list” from Dr Jim Linville in August of 2012. Basically that means I find volunteers to host the carnival. In fact, I am always looking for volunteers to host future carnivals!  Right now I have June covered, but I need someone for July (due Aug 1) and August (due Sept 1). I know there are a few relatively new bloggers who might like the chance to host, now is the time!

Hosting a carnival is a great way to draw readers to your blog and it is really fun to do. Contact me either by leaving a comment here, or sending me an email (plong42 at or a direct message via twitter (@plong42).


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