Biblical Studies Carnival – May 2016

Alice-Cooper-Carnival2Brian Renshaw posted an Alice Cooper themed Biblical Studies Carnival for May. And he is right, school is out for the summer and most academic head off to Caribbean beaches or their summer homes in the south of France.

Brian did an excellent job curating a list of blogs on biblical and theological topics. So check out his work, click all the links, and add Brian Renshaw to your blog reading list.

In other biblio-blogging news, Jim West’s Avignonian Carnival has a British flavor. Go read his list of links to British scholars and think to yourself, “I did not know she was British.” As always, Brian Small has a great collection of Hebrews Highlights for the month.

If you are not on yet, you should be. It is a great source for scholarly papers, a kind of face book for academics. You can follow me on, I have posted a few articles and conference talks along with some book reviews.

If you use FlipBoard to read blogs, consider following my Biblical Studies magazine. FlipBoard is one of the original apps I installed on my iPad and is a great way to gather news and other media. It is available on other platforms (including the Web). I also am on twitter @plong42 and Facebook if you are into that sort of a thing.

Kris Lyle from Old School Script will host the June Carnival. Go visit his page or contact him via twitter @KristopherLyle. Although I have been talking to a few people, there are plenty of open Carnival spots for the rest of the year. Do not be shy, if you are interested in hosting, contact me ASAP or leave a comment below.

Carnivals are a great way to attract attention to your site if you are new blogger, but more importantly it gives you a chance to highlight the best and the brightest in the world of BibliBlogs.

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