Last Call for Biblical Studies Carnival Links for May 2016

bs-carnival1The May Biblioblog Carnival will be hosted by Brian Renshaw. Brian hosted the carnival back in January 2014 on his old blog New Testament Exegesis. He is nearly finished selecting his links, but if you have something you think is carnival worthy, send Brian a link. What have you read this month that was challenging, simulating, or maybe even a bit strange? This is a good time to promote a less well-known blog you enjoy, or you can send a link to your own work.

Some readers may not know what a “blog carnival” is. Simply, a Blog Carnival is a collection of links on a particular topic for a given period. I think the idea of a blog carnival first developed out of psychology or sociology blogs, but the first BiblioBlog carnival was Joel Ng at Ebla Logs in March 2005. This month is the 114th BiblioBlog carnival, or CXIV (that makes it look more scholarly and official).

I took over as the “keeper of the list” from Dr Jim Linville in August of 2012. Basically that means I find volunteers to host the carnival. In fact, I am always looking for volunteers to host future carnivals!  Right now I have June covered, but the rest of the year is more or less open. Hosting a carnival is a great way to draw readers to your blog and it is really fun to do. Contact me either by leaving a comment here, or sending me an email (plong42 at or a direct message via twitter (@plong42).


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  1. who is this brian person and why are you not mentioning the really lovely carnival to appear over in avignon? why are you oppressing me? why don’t you provide me with a safe space? i’m feeling marginalized and that makes me feel feelings…… just so ya know. ;-p

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