One Million Hits on Reading Acts!


Reading Acts launched in September 2008, and after three years hit about 50,000 views. As of today, the blog had its one millionth hit! Although the majority of these are undoubtedly spambots from eastern Europe hoping to steal my identity or sell me low-cost Ugg books, there are quite a few regular readers who occasionally leave comments, so I know some people are actually reading what I write.

In the early days I might have seen 20-30 hits a week, but now the average is well over 800 per day so far in 2016, and the last month as been closer to 1000 per day. Since the end of 2015 I am seeing about 25000 a month, and growth almost every month over the last two years.

I am quite humbled that Reading Acts has lasted long enough to pass this mark. Yesterday was my 1700th post over the nearly eight years I have been writing here. This is quite a few considering I do not write the types of posts that tend to go viral. You know the type: cheap shot political articles, clickbait, celebrity gossip, etc. I also do not espouse radical theological opinions to generate hits. No historical Adam histrionics or anti Rob Bell rants. Maybe if I wrote acid-laced rants about these hot topics I would generate more traffic, but I really can’t pull that sort of thing off.

For the most part I write all the posts (there have only been three guest posts).  I did publish my dissertation in 2012, but it is not controversial nor all that exciting, apparently. I think I only get hints from people looking for Brant Pitre’s book of the same name (and different subtitle). Go buy a copy and review it on Amazon, it is only $10 for the Kindle version.

Most of my posts plod along a a few hits a week although there are a few which consistently turn up as top posts every week. Sometimes there are hits coming from a moodle page or from a University discussion board. Since I cannot see them, hopefully people are treating me gently. With only a few exceptions, comments on Reading Acts have been helpful and friendly.


Speaking of future plans, I was hoping to update the Top Five Commentary series from 2012 this summer. In the last four years new commentaries on virtually every book of the New Testament have been published so my original lists are now out of date. Several people have encouraged me to add more categories (historical Jesus, Parables, Pauline studies, etc.) Leave a comment if you have a suggestion for a similar “top five” category, I might just include it.

I am also considering a summer series on Jewish apocalyptic literature since I am teaching a Daniel and Revelation summer class and a Second Temple Period lit class in Spring 2017. I need to sharpen up on the material and a blog series is a great place to start. I am teaching Romans in the fall, so I am planning on a slow read through the book starting in September and going through December.

Since one million hits is a pretty big milestone, I will celebrate with a few book giveaways over the next few weeks. I have been setting a stack of books aside to give away all winter long, now is the time to get them out there! Check back after the weekend for the first book giveaway.

Once again, thanks to everyone who reads this blog, even the spambots.



11 thoughts on “One Million Hits on Reading Acts!

  1. Happy with you, Dr. Long. By the way, I am really excited about the updating of the commentary list. I probably have visited that more times than any other. Every now and then my interest is generated by a thing or two and read them. In all, thanks for all your time we lovers of Biblical, theological, and pastoral musings find beneficial in your wonderful resource blog. One comment that might patch a minor glitch is the final editing for slips in typos (extra word not deleted, misspellings, etc. e.g.). I don’t mind doing the editorial work, Dr. Long, if you can send them to me before publication!. 🙂 Anyway, again, thank you so much for your generosity. Btw, I really love the Logos free book announcement every month!

  2. Congrats, Phillip! With the proliferation of blogs since you (and around then, I) started, 1M is quite an accomplishment. Besides your good work, it’s encouraging to see people willing to read the kind of detail you often provide.

    As to your Jewish apocalyptic lit idea, I say GO for it! (I think it’s important beyond the attention it gets… and generally misunderstood, probably by me as well, tho I’ve studied it some, biblically and beyond.) In that vein, I’ll put in a plug for you to review Schweitzer’s last book largely on this topic, relative to Jesus (published 1967, posthumously). (I have a decently detailed review on my blog here: … pitch, pitch). It is much less known than his “Quest” of 1906 (1911 or so in Eng.).

    The later, “The Kingdom of God and Primitive Christianity”) is MUCH more readable and a great summary of Hebrew Scripture on messianic expectations, etc…. LOTS of Bible passages written out so one needn’t go look them up; and great summaries… whatever one thinks of Schweitzer’s specific conclusions. The man both DID his homework and lived a long and devoted life of service, inspired by the life of Jesus (and I think he’d say his spirit as well… a scholar and human to be seriously listened to). Final thing: also remarkable that his 1951 draft of the Kingdom book was 45 years of reflection, feedback, further study and living beyond his more noted “Quest of the Historical Jesus”. Very cool! Sad it’s paid way less attention.

  3. Congratulations! There is still a demand for quality content, evidently. Blessings as you continue!

    And if you update your commentary list, then mine will be even more out of date, since yours was one of my sources. Happy/sad. 🙂

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