Book Giveaway Winner! – Jesus Behaving Badly

Jesus Behaving BadlyToday is the day I pick a winner for a copy of Mark Strauss’s excellent book, Jesus Behaving Badly. There were 22 people signed up (I allowed only one entry per person). I took each of your names, sorted randomly and then pasted them into Excel. gave me a number between 1-22, and the winner is…..

Laura Martin

Congrats to Laura, please contact me via email (plong42 at gmail .com) or a DM on twitter (@Plong42) with your mailing address and I will pop these in the mail ASAP. Better luck next time for the rest of you. I have been cleaning and organizing my office and found a few duplicate books will giveaway in a couple of weeks.

Do not forget to enter to win a copy of Logos Cloud Premium from Logos and Reading Acts. Logos is running that giveaway until January 17, 2016.

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