Biblical Studies Carnival July 2015

Carnival Cat

The June Carnival has arrived at Lindsay Kennedy’s My Digital Seminary. Lindsay has done a remarkable job collecting the best of the BiblioBlogs this month. Click all the links, the deserve it. Lindsay includes a blurry photograph of himself and N. T. Wright, suitable for printing and framing, or meme-ing at the very least.

In other Biblioblog news, Jim West has dedicated his Avignonian Carnival to America, and West claims his carnival is now “virtually 74.23% snark free!” Remember Peter Kirby’s Christian Origins is aggregating biblioblogs and providing a nice digest of links for the week categorized into “Top 20 Biblical Commentary Posts,”  “Top 15 Biblical Criticism Posts” and “Radical Criticism Posts.”

Just a personal note, this is the 1500th post to Reading Acts since it began nearly 8 years ago. I realize 1500 is what Jim West calls “the weekend,” but it seemed like an important milestone to me.

Bob MacDonald (@drmacdonald) is up for the August Biblical Studies Carnival at his blog Dust. I am sure he would appreciate any nominations for those carnivals.

If you want to host a Carnival, please contact me. I have several spots open in the next few months and need volunteers! It does not matter if you are a relatively new BiblioBlogger or a grizzled veteran. Carnivals are a great way to attract attention to your site if you are new blogger, but more importantly it gives you a chance to highlight the best and the brightest in the world of bibliblogs. Contact me via email (, DM on twitter (@plong42) or a comment on this post and I can contact you. September through December 2015 are still available, usually November and December are good months for BiblioBlogs because of the national SBLAAR and ETS meetings.

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