Book Giveaway – Michael Bird, The Gospel of the Lord

Michael Bird - The Gospel of the LordIt is the time of year to be thankful, and I am thankful that I have an extra copy of Michael Bird’s new book, The Gospel of the Lord: How the Early Church Wrote the Story of Jesus (Eerdmans, 2014) to give away to some lucky reader of this blog. This is a new copy; mine is well read, marked and dog-eared by now. I will send a clean copy to a reader of this blog. There are no geographical limits here, although I am hoping someone from Antarctica does not win.

I plan on posted my review of the book in a few days, but for now let me say this is a nice introduction to several related topics at the foundation of Gospels studies, touching on related by diverse topics like Oral Tradition, Source Criticism, and the Genre of the Gospels. Each chapter has an excursus which digs a little deeper into some aspect of the chapter, so it is like getting two books in one. I highly recommend the book as an introduction to Synoptic Gospels study.

To have a chance at winning these books, leave a comment telling me what Famous Gospels Scholar you are most thankful for this Holiday season. Or at the very least, leave your name.  I will announce the winner picked at random on December 1.

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      • Ha! You can only count me as your favorite LXX scholar if I can be permitted a five-page footnote problematizing “LXX”/”Septuagint,” after which I will use those terms and many others interchangeably without remorse.

  1. One of my favourite Gospels Scholar I am thankful for this month is Charles Ryle. I am reading through his 4 vol Expositions of the Gospels for my own soul. Wonderful.
    Gord Abraham

  2. R.T. France. (And I decided that before seeing abramkj’s comment!)

    Dwight Gingrich

  3. I don’t know enough gospel scholars to make any sort of comparison, but I’ll second the choice of R T France, and add Ramsey Michaels, for their ability to write prose that I want to read. Technically sophisticated, exegetically correct, well-informed… Those are all good things, but if it’s so boring I go to sleep, it’s much less fun. Michael and France make me want to read their stuff!

  4. This holiday season it’s N.T. Wright, sorry Dr. Long, I flipped a coin to decide between you and Wright.

    Vincent S Artale, Jr.

  5. N.T Wright does it for me also. Though I’m not sure if you would classify Scot McNight as a Gospel scholar…none the less he comes a close 2nd.

  6. I am just putting together a course material on “The Gospels” for National Open University of Nigeria. I find your notes very interesting and helpful. If you can send me some related material on the topic, preferably e-material, I will remain ever grateful.
    Mike Enyinwa Okoronkwo (

  7. I’ve recently been quite impressed with a newly discovered Dr. Long. Very enjoyable reading.

  8. Thankful for Michael Bird and his ability to be at every event during SBL.

  9. I am thankful for Paul, N.T. Wright, Michael F. Bird, T. F. Torrance, Scot McKnight, Lawrence Garcia…

  10. Jonathan Pennington has had me thinking lately since his book Reading The Gospels Wisely. I can’t wait for his book on the Sermon on the Mount (concerning virtue ethics) and his commentary on Matthew to replace Leon Morris (Pillar).

  11. man, there are so many I am thankful for: Andreas Köstenberger (naturally, since I am a student at SEBTS), Don Carson, Michael Bird, Scot McKnight…

  12. Mark goodacre. His work is fantastic and his Twitter account is brilliant.

  13. Michael Bird and N T Wright have meant a lot to me because the are ostensibly and confession ally connected to the deepest expressions of faith and experience of the Lord God, but also critical and historical objectively and acadadenically. Was at a co geofence with Wright. For example, and at the break I happened upon him praying for a lady seeking his counsel.

  14. I guess I have to say the Gospel’s scholar I’m most thankful for is my current prof, Darrell Bock! I’m finishing his historical Jesus course right now and it has been an amazing introduction to historical-critical work in the Gospels as well as reading them in biblical theology!

  15. Since everyone else is naming contemporary scholars, I’ll say Johannes Weiss. Not read as often as he should be, especially Die Predigt Jesu vom Reiche Gottes.

  16. I’ve read all the classic big names (E P Sanders, J D G Dunn, N T Wright) and appreciate them greatly, but just at this moment I’m fascinated by Michael Bird and Chris Tilling

  17. Thankful for “Dr. Nicholas Perrin” though I don’t know he’d enjoy being referred to as a “famous scholar.” I loved the classes of his at Wheaton College Grad.

  18. The famous Gospel scholar I am thankful for would be John Dickson as he draws the historical and contextual information and helps the reader then understand the message of the gospels clearer in today’s world. I have used several of his resources and books in the church I pastor and my people cannot get enough of JD. It also helps he is an Aussie!

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