Book Giveaway – Reading Scripture with the Church Fathers

Reading ScriptureIt is August, so it is just about time to start thinking about “back to school.” In fact, I have just started teaching an OT Survey course in an August intensive format, so to celebrate a new school year, I am going to give away a couple of Church History books.

I have extra copies of Christopher A. Hall’s Reading Scripture with the Church Fathers Paperback (IVP 1998) and Ancient & Postmodern Christianity: Paleo-Orthodoxy in the 21st Century-Essays In Honor of Thomas C. Oden (IVP 2002), edited by Kenneth Tanner  Christopher Hall. The Festscrhrift for Thomas Oden includes essays by Richard John Neuhaus, Alan Padgett, J. I. Packer, Wolfhart Pannenberg, Carl Braaten, Stanley Grenz, Bradley Nassif, Thomas Howard.

To have a chance at winning these books, leave a comment mentioning , or at least your name.  I suppose some other snarky comment will do as well.  I will announce the winner picked at random on August 21.

63 thoughts on “Book Giveaway – Reading Scripture with the Church Fathers

  1. Dr.Long, love your postings so much I’m wondering if you regularly walk on water. 😀

    In Christ,

    Vincent S Artale Jr.

  2. Hi there! I would love to read both, but especially the Festschrift for Thomas Oden would be much appreciated. As a graduate from Regent College (MDiv -93) and having the pleasure of studying under (does one express it this way?) both Stan Grenz and JIP it would be a blast. On the other hand, the fact that I’m writing this from Finland makes it unlikely with your recent increase in postal prices…

  3. Celebrating a new school year by giving away church history books has never been part of my experience. Never let it be said that I am not open to new experiences.

  4. I have enjoyed your blog for over a year now and hope to win one of those fantastic books. Thank you for offering this give-a-way! Ben

  5. Also interested in the give-away – thanks for running this (and an extra thanks in advance if I’m one of the winners!)

  6. You could spend your whole life digging into the scriptures and still not plummet its depths. Our historical forefathers also give us a shovel.

  7. I wouldn’t mind a book. In fact, I might even enjoy receiving one. But I suppose we will never know unless I’m picked.

  8. As per Matt Malcolm above, I too am an Aussie in Perth and happy for the opportunity to register interest even if it to far geographically to be practical 🙂

    • Matt and David, I will send the books to Australia (or Finland) if that is what happens. I did not limit the context geographically. I am thrilled that Reading Acts has something of a global appeal.

  9. Scott Hughes – because a failure to reader the fathers traps us in our culture

  10. I’ve heard good things about Reading Scripture with the Church Fathers!

  11. I took a class at Denver Seminary over the summer, taught by Donald Fairbairn. The class examined the theology — focused primarily on the ideas and formulation of doctrine/understanding of soteriology — of the early Church Fathers. It was a fantastic class, and I would very much love to continue to investigate theology through the eyes of the church fathers. So, yeah, I’m all in for a chance at this book! Thanks! — Sam Creagar

  12. Been wanting to read both for a while. And yes, my e-mail is real.

  13. Not feeling particularly snarky today so I can try to be nice. I would love to win a book, thank you (Karl Dumas)

  14. I picked up Oden’s “Classic Christianity” awhile back after our pastor mentioned him. I’ve already pulled some great quotes from him for the Sunday School class I teach. Sign me up! Thanks.

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