Biblical Studies Carnival – July 2014

Use your voiceJonathan Homrighausen posted his July Biblical Studies Carnival at Linguae Antiquitatum. Go and check it out, it is a good one this month. Jonathan usually does some good work on linguistics and patristics on his blog, so it is good to highlight Linguae Antiquitatum this month. Jim West has an all-book collection at Zwinglius Redivivus, ending with a poem. Brian Small’s Hebrews Highlights only has a single entry for July.

Rob Bradshaw will host the August Carnival, followed by Mike Skinner at cataclysmic and then Brian Renshaw at his new eponymous blog. I would love to get a few more voluneeers to finish out the year strong, or you can volunteer for a 2015 month. Carnivals are a great way to get some good exposure for your blog.



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  1. Actually, the Hebrews Highlights you link to is from the month of June. I only had one blog post for July also, but I have included it in my latest post on recent book reviews.

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