Final Countdown to the January Biblical Studies Carnival

keep-calm-it-s-the-final-countdownBrian Renshaw is making his final preparations for the Biblical Studies Carnival XCV for January 2014 at New Testament Exegesis.  He has countdown and an extremely impressive form for submissions. Submit your favorite links this month in Theological and Biblical Studies to Brian and return to New Testament Exegesis to see his selections. As usual, at the first of the month there are usually a number of other carnivals and festival, maybe a fiesta or a fête, and if we are lucky a gala or jamboree.

Aaron White at Moisissumus Mose will be our host next month, but I need volunteers to host in March (due 4/1) and April (due 5/1). Jeff Carter has May (due 6/1), but the rest of the year is wide open. If you would like to host a Carnival on your site, please let me know via email (plong42 at, or leave a comment below. Carnivals quite fun to assemble and are a great way to attract attention to your site.

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