Biblical Studies Carnival – February 2013

Winter CarnivalThe February Biblical Studies Carnival has arrive, Drewe at Delving into the Scripture has done a nice job collecting some of the best and brightest blog posts of interest to biblical scholars and theologians.  In a month filled with papal speculations, there were a number of posts worth of your attention. Head on over to Delving into the Scripture and click on all the links.

I am looking for more volunteers for the 2013 Carnival Season.  I have a few set up but most of the year is clear, email me and pick your month!  Carnivals are a great way to attract attention to your site if you are new blogger, but more importantly it gives you a chance to highlight the best and the brightest in the world of bibliblogs.  If you would like to host a Carnival in 2013, send me an email  (plong42 at gmail dot com), or a comment on this post and I can contact you.

In other bibliblog news, Steve Caruso posted this on the (former) Biblioblog Reference Library website:

Our webhost, GoDaddy, decided to change the rules on us and has deleted the entire Biblioblog Reference Library database. Beforehand we had enough space to keep the database working and pruned down to a size that was feasible, but in the course of the last few months, they decided to halve the allowable database size which made it impossible to house all of the data and indices. What’s worse is that after requests for a full backup of the database were made, they refused to provide anything but a corrupted partial backup. We tried very hard to make the chunked backups necessary to put the entire database into a format that we could move, but in the midst of it (moving millions of records only tens of thousands at a time) they pulled the plug.”

He says that the Reference Library will be back, although it sounds as if much of the older data may be lost.  The Bibliblog Top Fifty site has not been updated since December 6, 2012.

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    • Thanks Drewe, I will put you down for November. I have things covered into the summer, and have a couple of blogs I want to approach to host a carnival. I guess it was a good experience for you!

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