Biblical Studies Carnival December 2012 Is Here!

spurgeon_preaching_drawingThe last carnival of 2012 arrived today, a fine collection of links by Abram K-J at Words on the Word.  Abram leads with a quote from Charles Spurgeon:  “If you have to give a carnival to get people to come to church, then you will have to keep giving carnivals to keep them coming back.”  I can just imagine Spurgeon as a Carnival barker, “Roll up and see the show!”  So roll on up and visit Words on the Word for an excellent Carnival. (Click on all the links at least once, everyone will be happy with that.)

The Bibliblog Top Fifty is still around, although I have not seen an official month-end post for 2012.   I am holding steady at #7, thanks to Jim West and Scot McKnight for not runner the tracker.  Hopefully Steve will be able to get many of the blogs which have started this year into the listing, there are quite a few good blogs that are hoping to get into the mix.

Jim West is hosting the January 2013 Biblical Studies Carnival at Zwinglius Redivivus, Jim is a wily veteran of Carnivals, so a splendid time is guaranteed for all. I am looking for more volunteers for the 2013 Carnival Season.  I have a few set up but most of the year is clear, email me and pick your month!  Carnivals are a great way to attract attention to your site if you are new blogger, but more importantly it gives you a chance to highlight the best and the brightest in the world of bibliblogs.  If you would like to host a Carnival in 2013, send me an email  (plong42 at gmail dot com), or a comment on this post and I can contact you.

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