Biblical Studies Carnival October 2012

The October Carnival will be hosted by the gang at BLT (Bible * Literature * Translation).  Abram K-J from Words on the Word is on tap for the December Carnival.  Here is a “call for nominations” at Gaudete Theology.   If you read a particularly interesting blog post, nominate it for the Carnival by posting a comment at Gaudete, or by email at bltcarnival AT gmail DOT com.

What makes a good BiblioBlog Post?  I can only offer by opinion, but it seems to me that the post is a contribution to scholarship, the sort of thing that you might read in a Journal or hear in a class. Sometimes there is a post that challenges the way you think about a particular issue, or cuts through the usual blog-noise to the heart of the matter.  Perhaps you bookmark it as a resource to be used again later or forward it to a colleague.  I sometimes send particularly good blogs to my Kindle app on my iPad to read offline later.

When I hosted the blog, I was asked several times, “can I nominate myself?”  I think this is perfectly acceptable, this might be the best way to get your blog on the Host’s radar.  Proverbs probably says something about tooting one’s own horn and the beginning of wisdom. Remember, however, the Carnival Host is under no obligation to accepted all nominations.

I am now the “keeper of the Carnival List.” If you want to host a Carnival, please contact me.  I am looking for a November host, and hosts for 2013.  I think that the November Carnival (due December 1) is one of the best since all the “professional meetings” occur in November.  There will be plenty of quality posts from people attending  ETS, IBR, SBL, etc.   As long as we are nominating, if you have a suggestion for a host, send that along to me and I will make contact.

Carnivals are a great way to attract attention to your site if you are new blogger, but more importantly it gives you a chance to highlight the best and the brightest in the world of bibliblogs.


7 thoughts on “Biblical Studies Carnival October 2012

  1. This is great–looking forward to hosting. Just to update the link you have for Words on the Word–the above gave me a “page not found.” You could try

    • Thanks for the heads-up. Not sure what the problem was, I had the correct, but it appears to have needed the http:// to redirect to your page. Should work fine now.

  2. Psalm 75 has something on promotion and horns. I will be at home most of November probably under radiation treatment for a so far contained cancer. I would be happy to host the carnival. If you are OK with an ancient private student doing this job, let me know at my gmail account stenagmois. I will as BLT has done set up a gmail account for promoted material.

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