The Biblical Studies Carnival is Coming!

Jim West is hosting the August 2012 Biblical Studies Carnival at Zwinglius Redivivus. I am sure he has a marvelous carnival planned, but I am sure he would take a look at your links if you send them. I am looking forward to a great carnival from Jim.

Here is the upcoming Biblical Studies Carnival schedule for the rest of the year.  I need a volunteer for November.  I would think that November would be one of the easiest months since SBl and ETS meets (along with many other groups at that time), usually generating some heat on the Blogs.  If you are interested in the November Carnival, please contact me soon.  I am also taking volunteers for 2013, if you quite ready for the commitment so soon.  Email me directly at plong42 (at)

Why should you host a Carnival?  The Biblical Studies Carnival is a service to Blog readers, highlighting the “best of the best” during the month.  You will have the opportunity to highlight the blogs you find the most useful, challenging and insightful.  Or perhaps the blogs you find funny.  Carnivals are great for a new blog since the generate traffic and interest in what you are doing.

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