Reading Acts is Hosting the July Biblical Studies Carnival!


Reading Acts is hosting the July Biblical Studies Carnival!  This is big news, at least to people who read BiblioBlogs.  If you do not know what a Biblical Studies Carnival, head on over to Political Jesus for the June Carnival, or an equally grand carnival at Kata Markon.  A “carnival” is simply a collection of the best blogs on a particular topic.  There are Philosopher’s carnivals, for example.  A carnival is a way to give some well deserved recognition to people who are doing great work on their blog.

The Biblical Studies Carnival has been around for quite a few years, although I am not particular sure of the origin. My guess is that links to blogs were first oral traditions passed from generation to generation until the internet was finally invented. Once the links were internet-scripturated, they were collected by the first disciples of the bloggers, who collated their master’s posts into carnivals. These carnivals were then blended intertextually to create meta-carnivals which re-interpreted the older carnivals in the light of the delay of the Parousia. A few more fundamentalist readers maintain the 1611 version of the internet as the only authoritative Carnival, but they are in the minority.

Whatever the origin of the Carnival, it is going to be here on August 1 (or near enough to that date to count).   Consider this a “call for links” to blogs of significance posted in the month of July. I will take links right up until 7/31, but the sooner you nominate a blog, the more likely I will include it in the carnival. Email me directly at plong42 -at- gmail, with the words “biblical carnival” in the subject.