Book Giveaway – Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary

I have finished by May-Term class and now can devote my attention to other important things, such as grading papers from that May-Term class and giving away a few more books on this blog.

To celebrate the middle of the month of May, I am giving away a brand new copy of the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary by J. D. Douglas and Merrill C. Tenney, ed. Moises Silva (Grand Rapids, Mich.: Zondervan, 2011.  I reviewed the book a year ago, check out this link for the full review. This new release from Zondervan is more than a re-packaging of the venerable Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dictionary (Merrill, 1963) or the New International Bible Dictionary (Douglas, 1999).

The dictionary contains  more than 7,200 entries covering historical and geographical topics, but also general theological issues as well (Jesus, Sin, Bible translation, etc.)  At 1571 pages, this is a significant tool which will meet the needs of most laymen and most pastors.  While it is impossible to call a book this size “handy,” it will likely be the first book off the shelf for most pastors and lay-teachers.

To have a chance at winning this book, leave a comment mentioning your favorite Bible Dictionary of All Time, or at least your name.  I suppose some other snarky comment will do as well.  I will announce the winner picked at random on May 23, one week from today.

14 thoughts on “Book Giveaway – Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary

  1. I’d like to enter. I don’t have a bible dictionary on my shelf.

    • These are excellent, and highly recommended! I wish there was another way to refer to them, but it works.

  2. It looks like a female needs to be in this drawing so you don’t don’t get sued for discrimination. You know me – my lack of creativity for a snarky comment.

  3. I like Eerdmans dictionaries and new ones keeps one up to date.

  4. Currently, I like to turn to Mounce’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old & New Testament Words – William D. Mounce

  5. Don’t have a regular Bible dictionary to use, and hope I win this one.

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