N. T. Wright and James Dunn on the New Perspective (Video)

A few weeks ago I did a short series introducing the New Perspective on Paul.   Mason Slater from New Ways Forward pointed out a nice introduction to the New Perspective featuring N. T.  Wright and James Dunn.  This is a video produced by St. Johns Nottingham and is a part of their larger Timelines project.  Many of these videos are worth viewing.

5 thoughts on “N. T. Wright and James Dunn on the New Perspective (Video)

  1. Click on the words “nice introduction to the New Perspective.” This is called a “link,” and you will be taken to a site called “youtube” where you can watch the video.

  2. I like the comment made my N.T. Wright made in regards to E.P. Sander’s book Paul and Palestinian Judaism. From a Lutheran perspective, Judaism tends to be interpreted as a legalistic approach to a relationship with God. However, the reality is that the Jewish dedication to keeping the law was done out of a deep appreciation for the covenant God extended to the nation of Israel. Although the nation of Israel has numerous faults, one fact that remains true is that they love God and they go to great lengths to uphold his law. I believe that as Christians we tend to take on this “Lutheran” perspective, at least I do, because we view “good works” or an attempt to keep law as legalistic. This is probably due to our knowledge that works cannot gain salvation, however, the heart of Judaism is a devotion to God that could be greatly beneficial to our modern-day faith. The truth is that although salvation cannot be earned through works (Eph. 2:9); faith without works is dead (James 2:17).

    • Glad you watched the video, I think it is a helpful summary of the main points.

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