Biblical Studies Carnival – Early September Edition

Even though we are only at the halfway point of August, James McGrath has an early version of the Biblical Studies Carnival for September posted.  Many excellent blogs collected here, including one of mine (toward the bottom). Most of this material is essential reading, although not all topics may appeal to you.

But that is not why I post this notice.  I think his final warning on Biblical Carnivals is hilarious:

“This Biblical Studies Carnival early edition is not intended for use by young children. Its claims have not been tested by the FDA, and thus it should not be administered to prevent or treat a diagnosed medical illness. Side effects include drowsiness, fits of laughter, and compulsive link-clicking. If after reading the Biblical Studies Carnival you experience an interest in Biblical studies which lasts for more than four hours, please consult with a PhD supervisor.”

You have been warned.

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