Hell Under Fire Giveaway

I do not think that it is any coincidence, but Zondervan is giving away a copy of Hell Under Fire.  This book came out in 2004 and should get a nice bump in sales in the wake of the release of Rob bell’s Love WinsHell Under Fire is a collection of essays on the topic of Hell from the perspective of  historical systematic and biblical theology.  The final chapter is a nice reflection on preaching the topic of hell (or not).   The title is not supposed to be funny; this book is part of a mini-series from Zondervan.  Jesus Under Fire was a collection of essays written in response to Jesus Seminar style Historical Jesus studies and God Under Fire was written in response to so-called Open Theism.

There are ten chapters, 259 pages.  A topical index is included.

  1. Albert Mohler Jr.:  Modern Theology: the Disappearance of Hell
  2. Daniel I. Block:  The Old Testament on Hell
  3. Robert W. Yarbrough:   Jesus on Hell
  4. Douglas J. Moo Paul on Hell
  5. Gregory K. Beale:  The Revelation on Hell
  6. Christopher W. Morgan:   Biblical Theology: Three Pictures of Hell
  7. Robert A. Peterson:  Systematic Theology: Three Vantage Points of Hell
  8. J. I. Packer:   Universalism: Will Everyone Ultimately be Saved?
  9. Christopher W. Morgan:  Annihilationism: Will the Unsaved Be Punished Forever?
  10. Sinclair. B. Ferguson:   Pastoral Theology: The Preacher and Hell

Even if you do not win a copy, check out this important resource.

3 thoughts on “Hell Under Fire Giveaway

  1. The coincidence is that Mason gets to give away anything he sees fit. I’m still trying to figure out a way to make this work in my favor…

  2. Perhaps there are crates of Hell Under Fire in the Z’s warehouse, waiting for the controversy to stir once again.

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