The Case for Expository Preaching

Joe Hellerman has a nice article on the Talbot Faculty blog, “Making the Case for Expository Preaching.”  First of all, I did not know that the Talbot faculty had a blog, so this is a good find for me.  Second, I took a couple of classes from Joe Hellerman when I was at Talbot and frequently heard his admonition to emphasize Expository preaching.  In fact, until I read this post, I thought I developed these ideas myself, but I soaked them up in Exegesis of Gospels, I am sure.   I particularly like his description of the two “extremes,”  I clearly fall into the second extreme and often fail to make the connection from the tenth century B.C. to the present situation of the church.

I am glad for this reminder that the content of our preaching firmly rooted on the Bible alone, yet spanning the gaps of time and culture to impact our culture today.

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