Podcast: AdHoc Podcast #8

I was unaware of the [ad hoc] Christianity Podcast until I received a ping-back from their site.  Hosted by Travis Jacobs, Steve Douglas, and Matthew Raymer, the podcast is a discussion of various topics making the rounds of biblical and theological blogs.  I listened to Episode #8 this morning and enjoyed the round-up very much.  Some of the blogs I follow, most were new to me.  The three hosts share some favorites and give good criticism and recommendations.  They certainly live up to the podcast name, Episode #8 goes from philosophy to theology to textual criticism and back again to biblical studies.  They favorably reviewed my post on Almsgiving and Cornelius, which of course is a great thrill.

Fortunately links are provided on their page so the listener can follow-up there discussion.  Check out the blog, or find the podcast on iTunes.

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