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Just time for their 100th anniversary as a publisher, Eerdmans opened their new blog with a note from Bill Eerdmans, Jr. He reminiscences about a conversation with Jimmy Dunn, wish there was more from Bill.  While Eerdmans has had a web-presence for some time, the blog promises more interaction with Eerdmans publications. Although the name EerdWorld sounds like a bad Kevin Costner film, the site holds promise.  The blog already has links to author’s blogs.

In the interest of self-disclosure, I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and have the joy of visiting The Bookstore on a regular basis.  When I was in college I made regular pilgrimages to the little hole-in-the-wall where Alan served up the best in scholarship at a decent discount, whether it was published by Eerdmans or not.  I miss Alan’s trenchant analysis of the publishing industry and recommendations.  On not a few occasions he handed me a book and said, “You will like this!” I always bought what he told me to, and was never disappointed.

The new store is larger, and you are less likely to be accosted by the homeless when  you park.  The selection of excellent Christian books, scholarly resources and good reading is unparalleled.  Best of all is the selection of recent Eerdmans’ publications “slightly damaged” and heavily discounted. If you ever visit Grand Rapids (or anywhere in west Michigan), a visit to The Bookstore is non-negotiable.  The new managers have done a nice job hosting authors for lectures in the store and having occasional reference sales.  It is a comfortable place to spend an hour browsing books.

Again, Welcome to Eerdmans.

2 thoughts on “Eerdmans Publishers – Welcome to the Blogosphere

  1. Thanks for the infor. Like you when I was at GBC in the late 60’s, Eerdmans, Bakers, and Kregel’s was a stable with many students. I got most of my Kittel’s from the seconds there. Books where more affordable then. I was just looking at my copy of REVELATION by Wm R Newell in 1967 for S4.50 (New)–now 22.99. Times have changed.

  2. Sadly, Kregel’s Used Books is gone. Baker Books has stepped up their used books and have a nice selection of seconds as well. Still, the internet has made used book shopping too easy. I miss the “thrill of the hunt.”

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