Lukan Authorship of Hebrews

Here is a new book from Broadman & Holman by David Allen which argues that Luke is in fact the author of Hebrews.  It is not out until June, but I am already looking forward to hearing what Allen has to say.  (I saw the announcement originally on Polumeros, a blog devoted to all things Hebrews.)

What I think is most interesting is that B&H lists this book as part of the NAC Studies in Bible and Theology series. I have enjoyed the NAC series and highly recommend most it as a reflection of good Evangelical scholarship.  A supplement series with the same attention to quality is much appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Lukan Authorship of Hebrews

  1. I’ve seen much of the material in this book and I think many will be surprised by the extensive argument presented by Allen.

  2. I think that anyone can find material to argue somethings. There are a lot of people who will make up things. I think that we just need to say that we do not know the author of Hebrews and leave it as that. I do not think that there is any way that we can know for sure who wrote Hebrews. I think that we just need to trust in God that He knows what He is doing when He did not reveal that author of Hebrews. God knows what He is doing and He has a plan for not revealing the author.

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