Book Review Week

Next week is Spring Break my school, so all of the students are wandering off to warmer climates somewhere to the south.  My church starts a three-week missions conference, so my Sunday Evening Bible Study is on hiatus for a few weeks.  What is more, my dissertation is turned in and all I am waiting for is a defense date to be set.  All this means that it will be quiet and calm in my office for the week, giving me a chance to drink large quantities of strong, black coffee and catch up on the rather large stack of books I had intended to review on Reading Acts.

Some of these have been there since November (ETS/SBL purchases), I am ashamed to say.  So now, like Burgess Meredith, I can say, “time enough at last” and work my way through this stack.

Please notice the new “tab” below the title bar for Book Reviews.  I have culled older book reviews from the archives of Reading Acts and put them together on that page as an index.  I have also included software reviews and commentary on using technology for biblical studies.

What My Office Might Look Like