Israel 2012, Day 9 – On The Road to Petra

Just a quick update from the road today, quite literally. I tethered my iPad to my guide’s iPhone, so I am typing this from the bus as we drive to Petra. I think that qualifies as pretty cool on a geek sort of level. I am sure Lawrence of Arabia would approve. I also mention this
to absolve me of spelling errors and auto-correct weirdness. Plum goes wobbly in the green sun.

We crossed into Jordan early, then made our way to Jeresh. This is a huge Roman city which has been nicely restored. You can spend five hours at the site, so our quick two hours seems far too short. We drove an hour and a half to Mount Nebo, the valley was quite clear, so we could see Jericho clearly. We ordered a “box lunch” (which came in a bag) containing a great chicken sandwich, paprika chips, a snack cake and a banana, plus a choice of drink. It was better than last May, but a tad more expensive.

After a visit to a mosaic shop we then started the long desert dive down to Petra. I will not add and pictures right away, since my camera adapter is not with me, but I might on the road back from Petra tomorrow.