New Fall Series: The Sermon on the Mount

AnniversarySeptember marks the ten-year anniversary for Reading Acts. The site has grown from an average of only 4 hits a day that first year to about 1300 per day this year. Based on the search engine terms used to find Reading Acts, I assume the site is useful for students working on their homework as well as the occasional pastor looking for some background for sermons and Bible Studies (hits go up on Saturday night for some reason). For the last three years the Summer Series on Second Temple Literature has kept things moving during the otherwise dull days between semesters.

Since most people only show up when I give away books, I have The Gospel of John and Christian Theology, edited by Richard Bauckham and Carl Mosser on offer through August 31, and another couple of books planned as giveaways to celebrate the beginning of a new academic semester and new series for Fall 2018.

I will be teaching a class on the Synoptic Gospels this fall semester so I thought I would do something a bit different and blog through the Sermon on the Mount for the next three months. I had the opportunity to teach the Sermon in a Bible Study format last fall at my church and found that was not enough time to cover everything I thought was important. I have read through Scot McKnight and Jonathan Pennington’s recent commentaries on the Sermon and will be interacting with them as I move through Matthew 5-7. I plan to occasionally comment on the Luke version of the Sermon as well, but I do not anticipate doing any full-blown synoptic parallel studies.

Hopefully this focus on the Sermon will be valuable for readers of this blog. Any suggestions for the series?

Of course I will continue to write book reviews, I have several books ready for review now and a small pile of books I need to write up soon.

I also plan to make some cosmetic changes in the near future (assuming I can find some time!)  I want to gather some of the major series into a single page to help users navigate the blog and find the information they need. The search box works, but it is not always clear which posts go where.

Thanks for ten good years, hopefully there are many more to come.

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