Arrival as Planned…Almost

I am currently on a tour of Israel and Jordan with students and friends of Grace Bible College. We made it to Jerusalem after a very long day of travel. We left campus on time (which is strange) and hit virtually no traffic on the way to Chicago’s O’Hare airport (which is far stranger). This meant we were a half hour early for check in and moved through TSA as quickly as might be expected. With everything going right, we had a long time before our flight boarded. 

Flights were a little bumpy but Turkish Air does a good job taking care of passengers (plenty of good food). Our flight arrived on time, but the gate for the Tel Aviv flight was on the other side of the country (only a slight exaggeration!) Even after this long walk, we made the flight without any problem. 

After what felt like more than 24 hours of travel, we got to Tel Aviv, through passport control with little hassle, and all our luggage was waiting. So you may be asking, when does the disaster hit? For every other tour the driver is in the airport with a sign, waiting expectantly to take us to the hotel. We were a little late, but no more than a few minutes No driver. I panic for ten minutes as we look fo a driver with a sign, but no luck. I tried the bus company, but they are closed. Finally I manage to find the number I was given for our driver, he is also the transfer driver. Turns out he was waiting just outside, expecting me to call.

All this really did is make us miss dinner, but after a long travel day and lots of airline food, most people have opted for an early (or late) bedtime. We are up early for the Garden Tomb and the Old City, so tune in tomorrow.

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  1. Thank you for keeping us up to date concerning your adventure!!!!! We love the pics!!!! Praying for ya’ll often. Miss you too.

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