Quote of the Day: Calvin on Peter’s Zeal

John Calvin on Peter’s attack on the servant of the High Priest:

“It was exceedingly thoughtless in Peter to try and prove his faith by the sword, while he could not do so by his tongue. When he is called to make a confession, he denies; now unbidden by his Master he raises a riot.”

I think most Christians struggle with this since it is far easier to hack at someone than to bear witness peacefully. I usually do not even hit an ear.

One thought on “Quote of the Day: Calvin on Peter’s Zeal

  1. Dialogue seems to be a lost art with many today! We can still hold hard to our theology and biblical ideas, and dialogue. We must respect others and other positions even when we don’t agree! Note, I like to chat with some Roman Catholic and EO theolog’s. Always fun!

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