Heading to Israel (2012 Version)

GBC Israel 2009

I am leaving on December 31 to lead a tour in Israel and Jordan.  This is my fifth trip to Israel since 2005 and I am looking forward to this one a great deal.  This trip is a bit different since most of the group are adults as opposed to college students.  (I suppose that means less uphill walking and more frequent bathroom breaks!)  After visiting in May, I am also looking forward to cooler temperatures in the desert.  I hope to visit Southern Temple and City of David excavations since they have been “in the news” quite a bit lately.

One of the highlights of my tours is spending a few days at Tamar, an archaeological part south of the Dead Sea.  The site is small but unique, with remains from the Iron Age (include a small Solomonic Gate and a four-room house), an Edomite shrine, a Roman bath and store rooms, a Turkish water system, a building once used as a jail during the British mandate, and an Israeli bomb shelter.

Look for frequent updates from Israel and Jordan over the next two weeks!

GBC Israel 2005

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