Israel Tour, Day 1: Travel to Jordan

No free wireless n the O’Hare international terminal.  I had hoped to get my first post in before the flight, but that was not to be.  Instead, I typed a few notes waiting for the plane to take off.  The trip to Chicago went very well, no traffic at all.  Since everyone was on time, we ended up at the airport about an hour early.  I thought the desk opened at 5pm, but as we stood in line at five, a man put up the “we open at 6pm” sign.  Ah well.

Once the Royal Jordanian desk opened, Check in went very fast.  In fact, TSA security went quickly and every one was courteous and efficient.  I fully expect my full body scans to be on the internet by morning, but that is the price you have to pay.  Amy and I got seats in the back of the plane, Amy has a window seat and looks forward to seeing the Atlantic ocean in the dark for hours. At this point the flight does not seem full, but there are a lot of people straggling in.

Ready to Fly?

The fight to Amman was about 12 hours, a long time in a plane.  We ate twice (good food, chicken with a couscous type rice),but I did not sleep much.  There is a large family distributed throughout the plane, and for some reason the congregated at my seat.  One kid kept leaning on my seat back, oblivious to the fact that I was (a) there and (b) trying to sleep.  Later I got up to use the lav and saw him slumped over sleeping, so I “accidentally” bumped him awake. That was probably a sin, but I did enjoy the justice of it all.

I tried reading from the iPad during the night, and this worked well. I used Logos, having put the Anchor Bible Dictionary on airplane mode.  This means the app downloaded the whole thing so I can use it outside of a wifi hotspot. I spent a couple of hours cramming on the sites we will visit in the next few days.  I also have the Holman Atlas set up for use.  Sadly the Archaeological Encyclopedia is unavailable for iPad use.  I will probably comment more on Logos and the iPad, this is a technology experiment for me!

We are now at our hotel in Amman, Jordan.  Everyone is safe and happy, although seriously exhausted after the trip.  Sadly, no free wireless in this hotel, so if you were expecting an email from someone, it will be delayed until tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Israel Tour, Day 1: Travel to Jordan

  1. Glad to hear that all went well on your flight. I hope you can find some free wireless soon. Be safe and have a great time!

  2. Have FUN!! Stay safe…know that you are ALL being prayed for.

  3. Thanks for posting this! I look forward to reading each post about the trip.
    ~Ryan’s mom =)

  4. Gotta love those long flights, trying to sleep, drooling, waking up..more drooling….ryan krombeen being treated like a prince and getting to lay across three seats to sleep….glad you all made it safely!

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