Second Anniversary of Reading Acts

This is the two-year anniversary of this blog.  It has been a good experience and I look forward to the coming year.  This post is mostly blowing my own horn, such as it is.

I have two plans for Reading Acts this fall.  First, I will be preaching through the book of Galatians in the Sunday Evening service at Rush Creek Bible Church.  I plan to post a reflection on Galatians both before and after than service, Saturday and Monday.

Second, I am teaching Gospels this semester at Grace Bible College and plan to blog through the book of Luke.  These will be observations on the text and will likely reflect my interests in Historical Jesus studies.  Since I am using Craig Blomberg’s Jesus and the Gospels (Second Edition), I will likely post an occasional response or comment on his book as well.

According to WordPress stats, Reading Acts averaged 44 visits a day this year.   I am always thankful for other blogs which post a link to my blog.  Mark Goodacre’s NTBlog still leads all referrers, but Charles Savelle’ BibleX page is a strong #2 on the list.  Bill Heroman has several times included this blog in his Round-ups on his New Testament History page.  Thanks, Bill, even though you always spell my first name with only 1 “L”.  I am a two-L Phillip.

Over the last two years, the most popular posts have been Acts 15 – Who were the Judaizers? and The Purpose of the Book of Hebrews.  The third most popular was a brief note on 2 Tim 2:11-14 which cause a bit of a flame war.  Fourth on the list was Dating Galatians – Before or After Acts 15?.  I find it interesting that two of these four concern Galatians.  Since I am returning to the book this fall I expect to have several new posts on these topics.  My series on Bible Atlases has been popular as well.

I am always amazed at the search queries which bring people to this blog. Over the two year life of the blog, “who were the judaizers” and “purpose of Hebrews” leads search items, although if I counted up all the various search on N. T. Wright I am sure he would lead the pack.  I am surprised how many people search on “N. T. Wight and Election” or “N. T. Wight and dispensationalism.”  I guess N. T. Wight is the Paris Hilton of BiblioBlogs.   One of the funnier recent search engine hits came from “why bother to read edersheim.”  I am not sure I know the answer to that question.

Reading Acts made the Biblioblog Top 50 in December 2009 and managed to stay on the list until this August.  This drop can be explained by a busy summer and lack of posting, hopefully a return to a regular posting schedule will boost me back into the list with the big boys.

Thanks to those who read the blog regularly, I do appreciate it!

3 thoughts on “Second Anniversary of Reading Acts

  1. omg, I can’t spell “Phillip”? That’s just unbellievable!

    Sorry, Phillip. I’ll go correct all those posts when I get home today.

    Your web presence deserves to be extra Googllllable.

  2. You are a classically minded man and think in terms of Philip of Macedon. My parents were not as interested in Greek history.

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