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Reading Acts finally broke into the rarified air the the new-look  BiblioBlog Top Fifty list, coming in at #46 this week.   So let me take the occasion to celebrate the year-and-a-half anniversary of this blog experience with a little horn-tooting.  I am sure there are  a number of factors contributing to the ranking,  but I will say that I see steady traffic on the Blog with a decent number of search items every day.

The top search engine term for the Blog (aside from the name, “Reading Acts”)  is N. T. Wright, combining a couple of variations in spelling his name.   A number of these searches include questions like “Is NT Wright a Dispensationalist?”  or “NT Wright and Election.”  I suppose N. T. Wright is the BiblioBlog equivalent to hiding “Pamela Anderson” somewhere in your blog to drive up traffic. (Careful readers will notice that I just did both.)

The next two highest searches have been “Saul in Arabia” and “God-fearer column from Aphrodisias.”  I fine that interesting since I do not recall writing about the column.  Strangely enough John Wayne and Caleb Befus are high on the list as well.  Lots of similarities there, although I suspect it is just Caleb googling his own name.

I continue to get quite a few hits on the topic of the Judaizers.  I suspect that I am helping home-schoolers with their homework, but perhaps this signals a need that is not addressed on many blogs.

The most common referring Blog is the NT Blog, by Mark Goodacre, followed by BibleX, by Charles Savelle.  My post on 2 Corinthians made Biblical Studies Carnival XLVIII, which is a pleasant surprise.

I am thrilled to say that at least once I was ranked along side the big boys.

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god-fearer column from aphrodisias

7 thoughts on “Reading Acts Makes the Top 50 BlblioBlogs

  1. Congratulations! (I would have used huzzah, but after that fetal pig reference I’m trying to save it for special occasions…)

    I hope that your blog continues to be a beach head for apologetics.

  2. if i respond to this one does it count for class. heheh just kidding… i know that it doesnt.

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