John Wayne as an American Idol

This is at the John Wayne International Airport in Orange County, California:

American Idol

American Idol

“Hey John Wayne, I love to see you when I get off the plane….”

7 thoughts on “John Wayne as an American Idol

  1. Being raised on John Wayne movies since my birth this is definitely the coolest thing I’ve seen all day.

  2. I’m 10 minutes away from there. He and I are basically brothers.

    P.S…. Does this count as a post?

  3. I think that John Wayne is cool. I grew up watching him too. But I also think that we hold people like that up way to high. We see someone who is “cool” or being a “hero” as someone who is worthy of praise. It may seem odd, me being a girl and not understanding why people hold actors and other individuals up so high, but I just do not. I have never thought that they should get any more praise than the next person. They are just someone who has a talent and using it. What about those who are saving lives or just cleaning up? If anyone deserves respect, I think it is them. They are the ones that are really making a difference in this world. We need to use the talents that God has given us to make an impact on the world and bring glory to Him.

  4. I have already read the assigned chapters, and I was pretty sure that I read about John Wayne in one of the books, but am having a hard time finding it again. Did anyone else read about John Wayne in either of our two books? or am I going crazy? And if you did, do you remember where it was?

  5. John Wayne as the American Idol was a part of one of my previous posts. I said that if America had to create a god which reflected the meta-narrative of our culture, it might as well be John Wayne (rugged individualist who rides into town, shoots the bad guy and saves the lovely widow, then rides off into the sunset). The Orange County Airport is named after John Wayne and has this wonderful idol of him out front.

    In addition, I make a not-so-subtle allusion to Terry Taylor, one of America’s greatest songwriters, who wrote a song about this statue.

    Whether you are going crazy is not a matter for discussion, although my sanity is probably to be questioned after this post

  6. I thought Elvis was our icon of choice for the US of A…much prefer the Duke, personally…nice photo.
    If there happens to be a photo of a mural of JW displayed on my counter, does that make me an idolator of JW, of our cultural meta-narrative, of the mural, or of the good memories invoked by the image?

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