Israel Update #2 – We are in Galilee!

I thought about titling this “I blogged where Jesus blogged” but I am pretty sure that has been done before and it is likely blasphemous.

For all of those awaiting an update to this spot, I am in the lobby of the Ma’agan Holiday Village, over looking the Sea of Galilee.  We have had a great time in the desert the last two days, up Masada, floating in the Dead Sea (and yes, even I float!), then a long hike up En Gedi (where there was some  likely illegal swimming).  We will be in the Golan Heights tomorrow, then all the “Jesus sites” the next.

Everyone is doing great and having a great time, nothing but smiles and good things to say about what were are doing on this trip.  I could not be prouder of the kids.

I’ll try for another longer update tomorrow. I might get some pictures up as well.  I am using a public internet computer, but I hope to borrow a laptop tomorrow.

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