Logos Free Book for August 2023 – Gary Burge, Letters of John (NIVAC)

Logos Bible Software’s Free Book of the Month promo features Zondervan’s popular NIV Application Commentary series. In August 2023, you can get a free copy of Gary Burge’s NIVAC commentary on the Letters of John and get great discounts on other volumes in the series:  Burge, Letters of John

  • David W. Baker, Joel, Obadiah, Malachi, $0.99
  • David E. Garland, Mark, $1.99
  • K. Lawson Younger Jr., Judges/Ruth, Revised Edition, $2.99
  • Michael W. Holmes, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, $3.99
  • J. Andrew Dearman, Jeremiah, Lamentations, $4.99
  • Walter L. Liefeld, 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, $5.99
  • Mark J. Boda, Haggai, Zechariah, $6.99
  • Scot McKnight, Galatians, $7.99
  • Karen H. Jobes, Esther, $8.99
  • Craig L. Blomberg, 1 Corinthians, $9.99
  • James Bruckner, Jonah, Nahum, Habbakkuk, Zephaniah, $10.99
  • Douglass J. Moo, 2 Peter and Jude, $11.99
  • Robert L. Hubbard, Joshua, $12.99
  • Scott J. Haffmann, 2 Corinthians, $13.99
  • Gary M. Burge, John, $14.99
  • Pre-Order and Save: The NIV Application Commentary on the Bible: One-Volume Edition (edited by Christopher A. Beetham; Nancy Erickson, 1808 pages), $31.99. NOTE: According to the Zondervan website, the release date is August 27, 2024, so think twice about preordering it.

I have used McKnight’s Galatians commentary and Blomberg’s 1 Corinthians volume. Both are excellent pastoral commentaries that are academically informed. Notice that Gary Burge frames this list with the free book and the most expensive book. It’s like a retail chiasm. If you decide to buy the complete set of the NIVAC commentaries, Logos will discount the price based on what you have already spent. This “dynamic pricing” is a great way to save some money. So please, go and buy all the NIVAC commentaries you do not already own!

Logos Back to School Sale 2023If you do not already own Logos, check out my first-look review of Logos 10. As expected, there are various upgrade paths for current users, from “not expensive at all” to “I need a second mortgage on the house” and everything in between. Logos’s annual “Back to School” Sale is a great time to purchase a Logos package or upgrade your collection.

  • All Logos 10 Academic Packages (Essentials, Standard, Premium, and Professional)—20% off
  • Biblical Languages (Exegesis Concentration): Intermediate Study Bundle—50% off
  • Legacy Standard Bible (LSB) with Reverse-Interlinear—50% off
  • T&T Clark Cornerstones Series (15 vols.)—50% off
  • The Baker Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words—14% off
  • Israel and the Nations: The History of Israel from the Exodus to the Fall of the Second Temple, rev. ed.—30% off

There is more…you can save up to 50% with the Library & Feature Expansions Sale. This includes Factbook Feature Expansion (50% off), Biblical Theology Library Expansion (L, 40% off), Timeline Feature Expansion (50% off), and Bible Backgrounds Library Expansion (L, 40% off).

You can still get Logos Fundamental ($49.99) or Basic (free) packages and take advantage of the free Logos Book of the Month promotion. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the free/cheap packages. All it takes is a Faithlife account, and you can read your books using the iOS or Android app, the Logos web app, or the (much more powerful) desktop version for both Windows and Mac.

All the links are Logos Affiliate links, so buy a few books and help out Reading Acts. The deals go away on July 31, so check out all the Logos deals.



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