Logos Free Book of the Month for August 2021 – 2 Timothy Video Course

Logos is giving away a mobile course for their Logos Free Book of the Month promotion in August 2021. Through the end of the month, 2 Timothy in the Bible Survey Video Series taught by Kenneth L. Waters Sr. (Azusa Pacific University) and David A. deSilva (Ashland Theological Seminary). With this free Logos resource, you get an hour of video instruction broken into nine units and an objective exam consisting of multiple-choice and true or false questions.

  • An Introduction to Writing Well (1.5 hour course), $9.99
  • Problems in Bible Interpretation: Difficult Passages II (3 hour course), $19.99
  • Choose a Fourth Course for $34.99 (several choices, but check out Introducing New Testament Discourse Grammar (a six-hour course!) by Steven E. Runge)
  • Choose a Fifth Course for $59.99 (several choices, including The Gospel of Luke (a 13-hour course!)
    by Andrew W. Pitts and The Apocrypha: Witness between the Testaments (an 8-hour course) by David deSilva).

If you have never used a Logos Mobile Course, this is a great chance to try one out for free. Logos is running a giveaway during the month as well. Register to win a collection of nine mobile courses.

If you are looking for Church History, Logos has great deals on volumes of the Catholic University of America Church Fathers series (and one in their Medieval Continuation series). These volumes include an introduction and new translation of the text. As with other Logos resources, these books are fully searchable and include links to important terms in dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other resources in your digital library. You can use the extensive note-taking tools in Logos to highlight and insert notes into the text.

  • Origen: Homilies on Luke – Free!
  • Peter Abelard: Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans, $1.99
  • Oecumenius: Commentary on the Apocalypse, $3.99
  • John Chrysostom: Commentary on Saint John the Apostle and Evangelist: Homilies 1–47, $5.99
  • Origen: Commentary On The Gospel According To John, Books 1-10 (The Fathers Of The Church), $7.99
  • Jerome: Commentary on Galatians, $9.99
  • John Chrysostom: Commentary on Saint John the Apostle and Evangelist: Homilies 48–8, $11.99

I am particularly excited to read Oecumenius, Commentary on the Apocalypse. It is a new 2006 translation by John Suggit of this intriguing seventh century exegete.

As always, you should get Logos Fundamental ($49.99) or Basic (free) packages and take advantage of the free Logos Book of the Month promotion.

Spend as little money as you want, but take advantage on these great deals on evangelical resources for your Logos library before the end of July 2021.





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