Logos Free Book of the Month for May 2020 – Eerdmans Critical Commentary on Isaiah 40-66

Shalom Paul Isaiah commentaryThe Logos Free Book of the Month promotion offers a heavyweight commentary from Eerdmans. For the month of May, you can add Shalom Paul’s commentary on Isaiah 40–66 in the Eerdmans Critical Commentary. Paul is the Yehezkel Kaufman Professor Emeritus of Bible at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and chair of the Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation.  The commentary won the Biblical Archaeology Society Publication Award for Best Book Relating to the Hebrew Bible in 2013.

Shalom Paul’s comprehensive, all-inclusive study of the oracles of an anonymous prophet known only as Second Isaiah who prophesied in the second half of the sixth century B.C.E. Paul examines Isaiah 40–66 through a close reading of the biblical text, offering thorough exegesis of the historical, linguistic, literary, and theological aspects of the prophet’s writings. He also looks carefully at intertextual influences of earlier biblical and extrabiblical books, draws on the contributions of medieval Jewish commentators, and supports the contention that Second Isaiah should include chapters 55–66, thus eliminating the need to demarcate a Third Isaiah.

Check out this excerpt from the book on EerdWorld.

In addition to this Isaiah 40-66 commentary, you can add Thomas B. Dozeman’s Exodus commentary in the same Eerdmans Critical Commentary for an additional $5.99.  A review in the Journal of Theological Studies said “The sheer amount of information given in the commentary is amazing, and any reader who already has some competence in the subject will feel indebted to Dozeman for spreading such a varied buffet to select from.” This commentary is nearly 900 pages on Exodus, presenting “a fresh translation of the Hebrew text of Exodus along with a careful interpretation of its central themes, literary structure, and history of composition. He explores two related themes in the formation of the book of Exodus: the identity of Yahweh, the God of Israel, and the authority of Moses, the leader of the Israelite people.”

Floyd Minor ProphetsFor $2.99, you can add Michael Floyd’s Minor Prophets, Part 2 in the Forms of the Old Testament Literature Series. If you scroll all the way down the page, Logos has Antony Campbell’s volume on 1 Samuel in this series for $8.99. The FOTL series “presents a form-critical analysis of the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) based on a standard outline and methodology” including structure, genre, setting, and intention of the biblical literature in question. Religious Studies Review considered Floyd’s volume “one of the finest volumes in the FOTL series and is a must buy for anyone doing serious form-critical work in the books Nahum through Malachi.”

You can pick up the entire Forms of Old Testament Literature series for Logos as well.

So for about $18 you can get three major scholar works on the Old Testament, with a retail price of nearly $200.

The Logos giveaway for the month of May is excellent: enter to win a full set of Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament and New Testament, 26 volumes with a retail value of $799! The TDNT is dated, but is still a standard resource for New Testament studies. The TDOT is the best theological lexicon on for Hebrew available, the final volumes were only published 2019. Enter early and enter often to win this major academic resource.

You need to have Logos Bible Software to use these resources.  As always, there are less expensive paths to upgrading that will keep you from mortgaging your home. At the very least, download the free Logos Basic or the $79 Logos 8 Fundamentals. Use the coupon code PARTNEROFFER8 to save 30% on base packages. You can also read these books via the free iOS app.

These valuable resources are only free (or almost free) through May 31, 2020.

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