“Everything N. T. Wright” Sale at Logos

During the last week of May. Logos is running a sale on N. T. Wright. Since Wright is so prolific, you might be wondering where to start. His Simply Christian or Surprised by Hope ($16.09 each) are basic presentations of Christian theology in the tradition of C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity. I have used The Challenge of Jesus ($11.89) for many years as supplemental reading in my Jesus and the Gospels class.

His Tyndale Commentary on Colossians and Philemon on the list ($11.19). This is one of the most readable commentaries I have read; academic yet spiritually challenging. It is far more detailed than his For Everyone commentary series ($10.49 a volume). Wright comments briefly on every book of the New Testament. Not academic, but very well suited for a small group Bible Study or a supplement to one’ s personal Bible reading. Pick out individual volumes or get the twenty volume bundle.

One of Wright’s first works is available, the essays in Climax of the Covenant ($13.99) introduces some of the themes which he develops in his later more extensive works. HIs Justification: God’s Plan and Paul’s Vision is only $11.19. This was the book written in conversation with John Piper and sets out his view of justification.

If you are up to the challenge, the four volumes of the Christian Origins and the Question of God are excellent. The Resurrection of the Son of God is perhaps the most detailed survey of the idea of resurrection in the Second Temple period available; Paul and the Faithfulness of God is a massive 1500+ theology of Paul, and generated a large volume of appreciative responses God and the Faithfulness of Paul edited by Michael Bird and Christoph Helig and J. Thomas Hewitt (Fortress Press 2017).

  • The New Testament and the People of God
  • Jesus and the Victory of God
  • The Resurrection of the Son of God
  • Paul and the Faithfulness of God

Logos sells a bundle of all four volumes in the series ($104.99). The last of these is part of a Pauline trilogy, Wright’s Pauline Theology itself, a survey of Pauline studies and a collection of Wright’s essays on Paul gathered from various journals and edited volumes:

  • Paul and the Faithfulness of God
  • Paul and His Recent Interpreters
  • Pauline Perspectives: Essays on Paul 1978–2013

If all that is intimidating, start with his Paul: Fresh Perspectives. For many years before Paul and the Faithfulness of God was published this was Wright’s brief overview of Pauline theology; I have used it many times ans supplemental reading in a Pauline Lit class. Missing from the sale is his first book on Paul, the provocatively titled What Saint Paul Really Said: Was Paul of Tarsus the Real Founder of Christianity? (Eerdmans 1997), but the book is not available in the Logos Library.

Two volumes in this sale are not by N. T. Wright, but the feature his ideas. Exile: A Conversation with N.T. Wright is a collection of essays on Wright’s claim Second Temple period Jews thought of themselves as still living in the Exile. The real steal on this sale is Galatians and Christian Theology: Justification, the Gospel, and Ethics in Paul’s Letter (Baker Academic 2014) includes essays on justification, gospel and ethics in Galatians by Mark W. Elliott, John Barclay, Beverly Gaventa, Richard Hays, Bruce McCormack, Oliver O’Donovan, and many others. Wright’s article is “Messiahship in Galatians?”

There are many more books on the sale, these are only the highlights (or, things which interest me). You could get everything by Wright for your Logos library fr $482.99 (go big or go home). But the sale only runs through May 31, 2019, so visit the Logos N. T. Wright sale and load up on summer reading.

Logos recently released a major upgrade to their Bible Software. I did a “first look” review of Logos 8 here. There are plenty of new features to justify an upgrade and the software runs much more efficiently than the previous version. Everything seems to run faster than Logos 7 and the upgrade is well worth considering. Logos base packages are 20% off through May 31. As always, there are less expensive paths to upgrading and there are paths that will preserve your credit rating. Use the code READINGACTS8 to save 20%.

The Logos Free book of the Month for May 2019 is I. Howard Marshall, A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles (T&T Clark, Hb. 1999, Pb. 2013). Be sure to get this book (along with the almost free C. K. Barrett volumes on Acts). See my comments on this excellent free resource here.



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