New International Commentary for Logos Sale

NICNT Sale Logos

Logos is running a great sale on volumes of the New International Commentary series from Eerdmans. This includes both the Old Testament series and the New Testament series. Through May 15, 2019 volumes in this series are up to 43% off, including the most recent volumes.

In general, these commentaries are based on the English text with technical lexicial and syntactical information in the the footnotes. These are nonetheless academic commentaries. As with most commentary series, the later volumes are generally more detailed than the earlier ones. The NICNT editor Joel Green characterized the series as “faithful criticism”  which serve “pastors, students, and scholars alike for its attention to the text of Scripture, its currency with contemporary scholarship, and its service to the global church.”

I have reviewed several of these commentaries , so click through to the full reviews on these volumes.

So what else is good in the NICOT/NICNT series? Joel Green, The Gospel of Luke (NICNT 1997) was a renaissance for the series, replacing Geldenhuys’ venerable contribution to the series.Geldenhuys was good, but not as detailed Green’s excellent commentary. Green is now the general editor of the NICNT series, following Ned Stonehouse, F. F. Bruce, and Gordon Fee. Gareth Lee Cockerill on Hebrews and Scot McKnight on James are both excellent. I have also used R. T. France on Matthew

In the Old Testament, I have used Victor Hamilton on Genesis. David Tsumura on 1 Samuel is one of the best on that historical book available. Tremper Longman on Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon are both good commentaries. Daniel Block’s two volumes on Ezekiel are excellent. However, unlike the New Testament volumes, there are fewer recent contributions to the NICOT. Leslie Allen on The Books of Joel, Obadiah, Jonah, and Micah (1978) Peter C. Craigie on Deuteronomy and Marten H. Woudstra on Joshua (1981) are now nearly forty years old and ready for replacement.

Be aware that some commentaries appear in a first and second edition (Romans) or a original and revised edition (1 Corinthians). It is good Logos has chosen to offer both the editions, but you may want to only purchase the most recent version (see my review of Moo’s second edition of his Romans commentary for a comparison of the two editions). I noticed some of the newer editions are at a much lower discount, so you might prefer to get the older commentary at a deeper discount.In some cases replaced volumes are still available, such as James Adamson’s 1976 James commentary, now replaced by McKnight’s 2011 commentary.

In November 2018 Logos launched a major upgrade to their Bible Study software, I did a “first look” review of Logos 8 here. There are plenty of new features to justify an upgrade and the software runs much more efficiently than the previous version. Everything runs faster than Logos 7 so the upgrade is well worth getting.  If you do not already have Logos, get Logos 8 Fundamentals for $99 then upgrade to a Logos 8 base package. Try using the code READINGACTS8, might save you some money.

The NICOT/NICNT Commentary series sale expires at the end of February, so head to the Sale page and load up on excellent professional commentaries for your Logos library.


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