Logos Free Book of the Month for April 2019 – Charles Quarles, A Theology of Matthew

The Logos Free book of the Month for April 2019 is Charles Quarles, A Theology of Matthew: Jesus Revealed as Deliverer, King, and Incarnate Creator (P&R, 2013).

This book is part of the Explorations in Biblical Theology from P & R Publishing. Doug Moo said “Using key Old Testament figures and themes as his framework, Charles Quarles summarizes very nicely Matthew’s main theological ideas. The book is marked by an admirable combination of biblical exposition and practical application.” As the title implies, Quarles highlights Jesus the fulfillment of the Old Testament. One-time biblio-blogger Jennifer Guo described this series as “offering believers substantial biblical and theological content at a popular-level of readability and accessibility.”

Logos usually adds two more books from the same publisher for “almost free.” In addition to the Quarles book, you can add two volumes of the The Gospel According to the Old Testament series from P&R. For $1.99 you can add Tremper Longman’s Immanuel in Our Place: Seeing Christ in Israel’s Worship (P&R 2001) and for $2.99 Mark Boda’s After God’s Own Heart: The Gospel According to David (P&R, 2007). Philip Ryken says “As Mark Boda shows in this useful and accessible book, the house of David is central to the Bible’s message of salvation.” Commenting on Longman, Bruce Waltke heartily recommends the book saying “Christians struggle in understanding the relevance of large parts of the Old Testament, particularly concerning the worship of ancient Israel. In this beautifully conceived work, Longman has illuminated the priestly material in a way that makes it theologically relevant for today.”

The bottom line is that you can add three excellent books to your Logos Library for about $5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to enter the Logos giveaway for the month, a four-volume A Theology of Lordship collection from P&R.

If you are interested in reformed theology, Logos has several collections from P&R Publishing on sale in April, including a twelve volume collection of John Frame books and the twenty-seven volume Reformed Expository Commentary (many volumes written by Philip Graham Ryken).

Logos recently released a major upgrade to their Bible Software. I did a “first look” review of Logos 8 here. There are plenty of new features to justify an upgrade and the software runs much more efficiently than the previous version. Everything seems to run faster than Logos 7 and the upgrade is well worth considering. As always, there are less expensive paths to upgrading and there are paths that will preserve your credit rating.

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