Book Giveaway – Scot McKnight, Galatians (NIVAC)

mcknight-galatiansI have a brand new copy of Scot McKnight’s Galatians commentary in NIV Application series. I made some comments in a previous post about this series which is on sale right now for $4.99 a volume in several eBook formats.

McKnight is a very well-known and respected New Testament scholar, known for his work in the Gospels, but also several popular books (Jesus Creed, Blue Parakeet). This commentary follows the pattern of the rest of the NIVAC series. After a short expositional section McKnight sets a given passage into the context of the first century, then attempts to “bridge the gap” by applying the passage to a modern Christian context. These pastoral comments will illuminate how the text might be understood and model a pastor’s heart for interpreting Scripture. This is a very “readable” commentary which will be valuable for anyone who wants to read the book of Galatians closely.

I will send a physical copy of McKnight’s commentary to a randomly selected person who leaves a comment below with their name and their favorite Galatians commentary (other than McKnight, of course).

Since I am leaving for the ETS/SBL meetings next week, this is a fast giveaway: I will pick the winner Friday, November 11.

27 thoughts on “Book Giveaway – Scot McKnight, Galatians (NIVAC)

  1. I’d love a copy! I find McKnight helpful in so many ways. Following his blog has taught me so much.

  2. Ruben de Rus. My favorite commentary on Galatians is the one written by R. Alan Cole and part of the Tyndale New Testament Commentary. Thanks Phillip and have fun in San Antonio.

  3. Thanks for the book offer. Ben Witherington’s Grace in Galatians is a great
    favorite. When Ben speaks/teaches/preaches many would bend their ear to hear.

  4. Jason Gardner; my favorite Galatians commentary is probably Martinus C. de Boer’s volume in the .New Testament Library.

  5. Since the prize is a McKnight commentary, I almost feel compelled to say that Dunn’s commentary is my favorite. If I’m gonna be answering honestly though, I’ve visited Moo’s BECNT commentary the most, so I’d have to say that is my favorite.

  6. Jacob Prahlow. F.F. Bruce’s NIGTC commentary is up there. Also enjoy Matthew Theissen’s Paul and the Gentile Problem (though not a commentary in the technical sense of the term)

  7. Jayson Rowe. I’ve been helped by Timothy Geroge’s NAC Commentary, as well as Moo’s from BECNT

  8. Leon Morris’s commentary is currently my favorite, but I haven’t read it cover to cover. Some of Luther’s exegesis of the book has also been very helpful.

  9. I really like Witherington’s “Grace in Galatia.” And since I don’t own a copy myself, I’m more than happy to accept one as a runner-up prize.

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