5 thoughts on “Paul’s Real Thorn in the Flesh

  1. Paul’s “feelings and experience”

    When I was at Dallas Seminary, I was a member of a “Bible Church”, taking training in the “Evangelism Explosion” course. I remember a picture of a train, where the “locomotive” driving the train was “Fact”, which was pulling the car “Faith”, and then the car following that was “Feelings”.

    We were trained that “our faith is based on fact, not feelings” and so we should avoid “Liberals” who focus on “feelings and experience” without “facts.”
    And what is fact? “The Word of God.” Yes – but what exactly is “The Word of God?” The “Bible Church” answer is, “every word in the 66 Books of the Bible.”

    I remember a Seminary Professor contrasting the position of “Liberals” with his own position: “How do I know Jesus lives? Because He lives within my heart? NO. I know Jesus lives because The Bible tells me so.” The issue is framed so that on one side is “fact / truth / The Bible / The Word of God “ vs. “feelings and experience.” But that is a distorted way to frame the issue.

    Paul writing a letter about his mysterious “thorn in the flesh” is Paul’s “feelings and experience”. It isn’t “fact, truth, or The Word of God.” We all focus on feelings and experience and opinions – the only question is, whose?

    Liberals tend to focus on their own “feelings, experience and opinions.”
    Muslims focus on Muhammad’s
    Catholic Mary Worshippers focus on Mary’s
    Mormons focus on Joseph Smith’s
    Other cult members focus on the feelings and experience of their special leader
    And Evangelical’s focus on PAUL’s feelings and experience recorded in the Bible.

    I believe we should focus on GOD’s feelings, experience, and opinions, revealed in The Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Gospels – especially the words spoken by the Lord God Jesus, the Word made flesh.

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